Christine Goulding

Christine believes that the conscious practice of relationship is one of the most powerful tools we have to open into the experience of forgiveness, self-transformation, and love. 

She began her healing journey in 1996. Since then, Christine has cultivated an approach that combines intuitive energetic awareness, somatic practices and breath work to help her clients relax and open their hearts. In her private practice she works with groups, couples and individuals. 

“My relationships continue to be my greatest teachers in human school. By consciously allowing my heart to open while in the presence of others, I have found a sense of freedom and happiness I never thought possible. Creating a safe, loving container in which others may find the same wisdom is a singular joy in my life.”

Michael Rainone

Michael believes that relationship is the place humanness and spirituality come together; that conscious relationship is the path to the true self.

His approach is a blending of sensitive energetic reading with grounding Core Energetics principles and practices that offers clients a fuller personal, authentic experience living in relationship.

 “When I see clients learn and use the tools of transformation, and their lives fill with more joy, pleasure and love, my heart sings.”

Michael has been a psycho-energetic practitioner since 1997. His experience as a teacher and facilitator in the healing arts takes form as a leader of groups, retreats and one-on-one work with individuals.